How to apply for a PRI from the Dakota Foundation


Funding Process and Guidelines

In general, the PRI-making activities of the Dakota Foundation are limited to non-profit groups whose programs empower people and increase their control over their own economic destinies. For more information about our PRIs, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Our resources are available to organizations that serve their constituencies without discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or national origin.

The Dakota Foundation is supportive of organizations that collaborate with other community groups to create broad-based solutions to common issues. It is important to us that a project or program is sustainable, scalable, and that benchmarks and indicators are in place to ensure meaningful and measurable results.

An initial inquiry is required of applicants seeking an investment from the Dakota Foundation. The submission form below can be used to express interest in consideration for a PRI. An appropriate senior executive should endorse this application (e.g. chair or president of the board of directors, or executive director). The submission should express how the project to be funded fits within the Dakota Foundation's funding guidelines.

There are no submission deadlines.

The geographic focus of the Dakota Foundation is primarily North Dakota, New Mexico, and Colorado, but proposals supporting other regions may be considered.

Foundation staff will review the material and respond within a reasonable time.

Requests We Encourage

While not limited to the list below, we offer the following list of suggestions as approaches to partnerships we have supported in the past and hope to support again in the future.

This list is not exhaustive, but is provided to be representative of the spirit of the requests of which we are likely to consider:

  • Entrepreneurial endeavors with high social impact

  • Programs that develop education or specific job training that empowers individuals to become more economically self-sufficient

  • Programs supporting improved employment opportunities for economically disadvantaged members of the community (e.g. with child care or living arrangements)

Requests We Discourage

Although we are well-aware of the many human service, educational, cultural and civic needs of the communities we serve, and are grateful for the outstanding and tireless work being done by non-profits to solve a wide range of societal problems, the Dakota Foundation is unlikely to consider requests for support of the following:

  • Annual fund drives

  • General fund-raising events

  • Budget deficits

  • Camps

  • Medical research

  • Theatrical productions and other artistic or media projects

  • Building endowments

  • Historical preservation, museums and interpretive centers


Grant Consideration

While our preferred method of partnership vehicle is a PRI, the Dakota Foundation is also considering proposals for grants at this time.

The scope and process for grant consideration follows the guidelines for PRIs we describe above. The significant difference between PRIs and grants is that grants are not expected to be repaid to the Dakota Foundation.