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Our Vision

For more than 20 years, the Dakota Foundation has sought to combine business discipline and charitable intentions to solve social problems. With grants and program-related investments (PRIs) we take an investment approach: we want the total social return of our investments to be higher than the cost.

In doing so, we hope to foster organizations and activities that are both economically and environmentally sustainable. We help people invest in themselves to improve their economic condition and those of their families and communities. This mission stems from our values: self-reliance, personal responsibility, human dignity, equal opportunity, and the preservation of life and beauty on our earth.


OUr Beliefs

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Investment Strategies

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Recent Activity

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At the Dakota Foundation we understand the special position that family foundations like ours occupy in the non-profit world. Each day we are privileged to encounter dedicated individuals working to make the world a better place for ours and future generations.
— - Bart Holaday Founder and President, The Dakota Foundation

Guidelines for Funding

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